Jenna Rides Dick With Step-Mom

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This time we have another mother daughter bounding scene. These two will end up sharing the same cock. The two cuties had the same crush but never knew about it. She was recently divorced and living with her daughter. Of course she still had needs and the other day she put her eyes on the hot pizza delivery guy. But she didn’t knew one thing, her daughter shared the same passion for him. So the other day while they were both in the kitchen she told her daughter and she was surprised to find out that she likes him too. She didn’t want to upset her so they both decided to share him. They ordered a pizza and then invited him in to pay. Then they started talking with him and one thing lead to another and they ended up in the living room undressing him. It was so hot to see these two taking turns on getting fucked by the hot hunk.

Jenna Rides Dick with Step-mom

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